Join our digital revolution today, for less than £5 per day - The WORLDS FIRST media entertainment system delivered over the internet at a fraction of the cost!

Do you currently pay to entertain your clients? The Digital Dream Machine is the perfect solution for you. It provides the complete entertainment package for all public venues; Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Holiday Parks, Play Groups and even Cruise Liners. The list is endless.
Reduce Costs, Raise Revenue

Digital Dream Machine was designed to facilitate group entertainment. It allows you to "Compare" entertainment events from your computer/laptop, transferred onto networks of TV screens for the audience to participate. Our system enables you to provide varied, exciting and fun entertainment on demand to a group or one to one.

You can purchase and have access to this software direct from this site. Simply visit the shop by clicking here and you can be up and running with our entertainment software in minutes!

Once downloaded you will need to connect your laptop/computer to your inhouse audio/visual system.

Doris with Digital dream machine software