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Generate an income stream with our simple and easy to use Advertising Manger Software, which contains templates for different types of business’s – all you do is input contact details, message, and choose the colour!
advert editor tutorial video thumbnail6 adverts @ £1 per day generates £182 per month – your investment is paid for with some change to spend !!

Our commitment to your needs doesn’t stop there...

Your own personal What’s on Guide – during the day and evening tell your customers reasons why they should be spending money with you and not sitting at home or worse still drinking at the pub down the road. Ouch!! Karaoke Party, Rock n Roll, Race Night, & Games Night.

You are not restricted by time – just imagine Bingo three times a week starting at 1pm serving drinks, hot & cold snacks!

Whats On Guide

Keep your customers aware of events in your venue. Display detail on plasma’s and in your reception.

Buy & Sell

Do you have customers who need to sell items? Place the items on our Buy Sell software generating even more interest in your venue. Yet another income stream.

"Text" Software

Unique to the Digital Dream Machine!!

Text Management – simply collect all your customers mobile numbers. Type Karaoke Night starts at 9.30pm tonight and press send!! You have just reminded all your Customers where they need to be at 9.30pm!!